GCAT made a commitment to work with other groups of students in Li Po Chun United World College to provide scholarships for minority ethnic groups in remote rural areas of China.  These scholarships will provide children with high levels of ability with the educational opportunities to break the cycle of poverty that has trapped their families for generations.

The scholarships will be used to support children during the last three years of their primary schooling, and will build on contacts already established with Yao tribe schools in border areas of Guangdong province.  The aim is to raise funds to support 30 such scholarships.

In November each year, a group of GCAT students travelled with other students from the College to Yao tribe areas to work with primary children and teach basic skills.

Work with the Yao tribe continues under the guidance of LPCUWC’s Head of Humanities, Ms Esther Chau.

Primary Education
in China