GCAT’s Inaugural Global Concerns Fundraising Extravaganza



On Saturday evening 21st March, 2009, GCAT held its first fundraising extravaganza.  Centred on cultural performances that showcased the diversity of cultures at Li Po Chun United World College, together with some fine food, cheeses and wine tasting, together with an auction, the event raised almost $45,000 - almost enough to fund a new medical clinic in Guizhou which was our target (we need $50,000 to reach that goal).  We are hopeful that with follow-up wine sales the target will be met and GCAT can sponsor a much-needed medical clinic for Guizhou’s isolated rural communities.  Thanks are due to the organisers of the evening  (especially GCAT’s Chairman this year, Marius Larsen), all those who performed in support of GCAT, those who generously donated items for the auction, those who came to the evening, and of course those who generously made donations.

21st March 2009