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Project Purpose

To stimulate widespread and significant improvements in the quality of education in schools across sub-Saharan Africa.


The main factor holding back social and economic progress in Africa is its poor educational quality.  Schools in Africa are marked by low standards, overcrowding, poor planning, weak expertise, poor governance and lack of vision.  Financial viability, leadership and professionalism are significant shortcomings, making school governance and leadership development the essential foundational issue to address before improvements in other areas can be sustainable.

My Current Project

Research shows that improving the quality of school board governance and leadership is one of the most powerful ways to raise the educational achievement of students.  Unfortunately, this key strategy is far too often neglected.  If the quality of education in Christian schools across Africa is to improve, establishing sound, proficient governance in school boards is an essential prerequisite.  Such leadership must be sustainable and professional, and it must explicitly reject the temptations of corruption.

Action and Outcome

A robust program of governance and leadership training for boards of Christian schools will establish the sound basis necessary to enhance the quality of education for millions of children, without which the effective transformation of education in Africa will be impossible.


Alphacrucis College, with whom I work, is keen to use its expertise to improve the quality of Christian schooling in Africa.  To this end, I have been working with Alphacrucis and peak educational organisations in Africa such as ACSI that covers 23,000 schools across 34 countries in Africa, with well over 7 million students in their care.  This reach gives me the potential to have prodigious, widespread, lasting impact in schools across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Work to Date

In July 2018, I provided governance training for the board of ACSI East Africa at their request.  This training proved to be transformative and enlightening, resulting in substantial and continuing improvements in the leadership of the attendees’ schools.

Further Development Work

As a consequence of that experience, multiple schools throughout Uganda have asked me to provide governance workshops in July 2019 in an attempt to transform the professionalism and raise the vision of their school boards.  Requests have also started coming from elsewhere in Africa.  Multi-day workshops have been scheduled as a result in two cities in Uganda, Kampala and Jinja, in early July 2019.

On-going Strategy

The workshop sessions in July 2019 will be spent providing training as well as exploring options for further professional development in areas such as leadership development and teaching methodology.  It is hoped that boards of schools elsewhere in Africa will observe the benefits of these workshops and thus also seek to improve their leadership and governance practices with similar training. Once this foundation of sound leadership and governance has been soundly established, I hope to expand this support to build momentum for national and international mobilisation of educational improvement across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Funding Sought

The schools that can benefit most from governance training simply have no present capacity to pay for such training.  For the 2018 workshops, I paid for all my own air fares, but I cannot continue to do that as the demand for training grows and expands.  I would love to provide ongoing support for the improvement of Christian schools in Africa through professional development, leadership training, board enhancement and teacher formation, but I am severely limited by funding.  If you would like to support my work in Africa, please consider donating through the online page at

Transforming Christian Education and Teacher Training

in Sub-Saharan Africa