This was the view that greeted me from my office window at 7:56 am on the morning after this week’s typhoon hit Hong Kong

The 4 photos below were taken from my office window after this week’s typhoon.  Click each image for a more detailed view.

Wednesday 24th September - 7:57 am

It is between rain showers, but the winds are still gusting at Force 3.  The broken branches and the damaged pool light can be seen clearly.

Wednesday 24th September - 2:21 pm

The clean-up has begun.  The damaged light has been removed for safety reasons.

Thursday 25th September - 1:48 pm

The clean up around the pool has almost finished.  The tree had to be removed because the damage had made it dangerous.  I now have a much better view from my office, and more natural light as well.

Friday 26th September - 3:50 pm

The pool is back to normal operations.  The cleaning up of the rest of the campus continues, however.