Central Asia Travel Diary

My Theory of Knowledge workshop in Athens has ended, and at last my summer holiday begins!  After the workshop finished earlier today, I went straight to Athens Airport and flew to Dubai to meet Andrew, who had flown there from home in Hong Kong the previous day, the first time that he had flown alone internationally.  It was a great flight, which although only 3277 kilometres took 6 hours because it stopped for an hour and a quarter in Larnaca (Cyprus).  For those interested, the flight was on a very new Boeing 777-300ER of Emirates Airlines (registration A6-EBK).

It was a long day, and by the time I reached the hotel it was after midnight.  There was so much news to catch up on with Andrew that despite tiredness it was a very late night before we finally got to sleep.

Saturday 1 July 2006

Athens to Dubai

Remains of ancient Athens