Stephen’s Flight Log - 1987

This page shows details (including images of the actual planes flown) of all my flights during 1987.  These were my 72nd to 81st flights.

Home Base: London, United Kingdom

Number of Flights: 10

Distance flown : 40,307 kilometres

I am deeply grateful to, JetPhotos, and PlaneSpotters for the use of some images on this page.

72nd flight, 3rd January 1987

Sydney to Honolulu via Auckland

Air New Zealand

Boeing 747-200, ZK-NZZ

9227 kilometres

73rd flight, 5th January 1987

Honolulu to Los Angeles

Air New Zealand

Boeing 747-200, ZK-NZW

4113 kilometres

74th flight, 7th January 1987

Los Angeles to Shannon

Air New Zealand

Boeing 747-200

8242 kilometres

75th flight, 8th January 1987

Shannon to London

Air New Zealand

Boeing 747-200

625 kilometres

76th flight, 8th January 1987

London to Manchester

British Caledonian

BAC One-Eleven, G-AWYS

284 kilometres

77th flight, 28th March 1987

London to Moscow


Ilyushin Il-86

2516 kilometres

78th flight, 30th March 1987

Moscow to L’vov


Yakovlev Yak-42

1103 kilometres

79th flight, 2nd April 1987

L’vov to Leningrad


Tupolev Tu-154B-2

1182 kilometres

80th flight, 4th April 1987

Leningrad to London


Ilyushin Il-86, CCCP-86070

2127 kilometres

81st flight, 31st December 1987

London to Singapore

Singapore Airlines

Boeing 747-300

10888 kilometres

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