Stephen’s Flight Log - 1993

This page shows details (including images of the actual planes flown) of all my flights during 1993.  These were my 190th to 218th flights.

Home Base: Sydney, Australia

Number of Flights: 29

Distance flown : 

116,084 kilometres

I am deeply grateful to, JetPhotos, and PlaneSpotters for the use of some images on this page.

190th flight, 15th February 1993

Sydney to Los Angeles


Boeing 747-400, N186UA

12051 kilometres

191st flight, 15th February 1993

Los Angeles to Miami


Boeing 757-200, N516UA

3769 kilometres

192nd flight, 16th February 1993

Miami to Rio de Janeiro


Boeing 747-SP, N142UA

6699 kilometres

193rd flight, 19th February 1993

Rio de Janeiro to La Paz via São Paulo and Santa Crúz

Varig, Boeing 737-300, PP-VPB

2742 kilometres

194th flight, 23rd February 1993

La Paz to Santa Crúz

Lloyd Aereo Boliviano

Boeing 727-100, CP-861

553 kilometres

195th flight, 23rd February 1993

Santa Crúz to Buenos Aires

Lloyd Aereo Boliviano

Airbus A310-300, CP-2232

1957 kilometres

196th flight, 1st March 1993

Buenos Aires to Montevideo

Aerolineas Argentinas

Boeing 727-200, LV-OLN

229 kilometres

197th flight, 1st March 1993

Montevideo to Miami via Buenos Aires


Boeing 747-200, N4723U

7319 kilometres

198th flight, 2nd March 1993

Miami to Chicago


Boeing 747-200, N4723U

1926 kilometres

199th flight, 2nd March 1993

Chicago to Denver


Boeing 737-500, N902UA

1430 kilometres

200th flight, 2nd March 1993

Denver to Los Angeles


Boeing 727-200, N7299U

1387 kilometres

201st flight, 2nd March 1993

Los Angeles to Sydney


Boeing 747-400, N185UA

12051 kilometres

202nd flight, 10th April 1993

Sydney to Guangzhou

Air China

Boeing 747-SP, B-2442

7507 kilometres

203rd flight, 12th April 1993

Guangzhou to Guilin

China Southern

Boeing 757-200, B-2802

388 kilometres

204th flight, 15th April 1993

Guilin to Shanghai

China Eastern

Fokker 100, B-2232

1291 kilometres

205th flight, 19th April 1993

Shanghai to Beijing

China Eastern

Airbus A310-300, B-2305

1075 kilometres

206th flight, 23rd April 1993

Beijing to Sydney via Guangzhou and Melbourne

Air China

Boeing 747-SP, B-2438

10105 kilometres

207th flight, 4th July 1993

Darwin to Melbourne via Alice Springs and Adelaide

Australian A/L, Boeing 737-400, VH-TJO

3257 kilometres

208th flight, 9th July 1993

Melbourne to Alice Springs via Adelaide

Australian Airlines

Boeing 737-400, VH-TJE

1956 kilometres

209th flight, 31st August 1993

Sydney to Singapore

Singapore Airlines

Boeing 747-400, 9V-SMR

6288 kilometres

210th flight, 2nd September 1993

Singapore to Sydney

Singapore Airlines

Boeing 747-400, 9V-SMN

6288 kilometres

211th flight, 2nd October 1993

Sydney to Adelaide

Australian Airlines

Boeing 737-400, VH-TJN

1167 kilometres

212th flight, 9th October 1993

Adelaide to Sydney

Australian Airlines

Boeing 737-300, VH-TAY

1167 kilometres

213th flight, 17th November 1993

Sydney to Singapore

Singapore Airlines

Boeing 747-400, 9V-SMT

6288 kilometres

214th flight, 18th November 1993

Singapore to Beijing

Singapore Airlines

Airbus A310-300, 9V-STB

4474 kilometres

215th flight, 23rd November 1993

Beijing to Harbin

China Xinjiang Airlines

Tupolev Tu-154M, B-2621

1000 kilometres

216th flight, 25th November 1993

Harbin to Shanghai

China Northern

McDonnell-Douglas MD-82, B-2143

1657 kilometres

217th flight, 27th November 1993

Shanghai to Singapore

Singapore Airlines

Airbus A310-300, 9V-STR

3775 kilometres

218th flight, 28th November 1993

Singapore to Sydney

Singapore Airlines

Boeing 747-400, 9V-SMT

6288 kilometres

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